Kia Dynamax Intelligent AWD, and What You Need To Know

Kia Dynamax Intelligent AWD

Kia Dynamax Intelligent AWD, and What You Need To Know

Exclusive to the 2020 Kia Sportage is the Dynamax Intelligent AWD System, offering automatic torque distribution that predicts the terrain underneath the tires and instantly transfers torque for better traction. This can be useful during acceleration, cornering at high speeds, and in low traction scenarios such as inclement weather.

This is in stark contrast to other AWD systems due to Dynamax being proactive rather than reactive. By ensuring that the AWD system is one step ahead of the car at all times, Dynamax can significantly improve performance, stability and fuel economy, along with safety. The Dynamax system has a high-thermal stress tolerance as well, which shields the system during steep or long climbs, improving safety and functionality.

For example, when you are going around a corner in the rain, the Dynamax AWD System continuously monitors your driving conditions and preemptively adjusts power to the individual wheels. All of this is shown to the driver in their instrument cluster, providing a real-time look at the torque manipulation while driving.

So what is the difference between All-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive? A Four-Wheel Drive system will continuously transfer power to all four wheels at the same time, whereas an All-Wheel Drive system will only transfer power to certain wheels on a case-by-case basis. This allows a Four-Wheel Drive system to excel in scenarios where speed is not a necessity, and your vehicle can move across difficult or slippery terrain easily. On the other hand, an All-Wheel Drive system is superior when handling difficult terrain at higher speeds, managing to provide consistent traction overall.

Kia’s new 2020 Sportage models are the first of a handful of 2020 models planned to receive the Dynamax Intelligent AWD feature.

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