Can the Kia Sportage and Niro Tow?

Can the Kia Sportage and Niro Tow?

Can the Kia Sportage and Niro Tow?

Short answer, Kia Sportage yes and Kia Niro no. The Sportage can tow up to 907 kg with trailer brakes and 750 kg without trailer brakes. The Niro, on the other hand, was not recommended to tow by Kia Motors, foregoing giving it a rating.

So for the Sportage, it is always a good idea to follow all general towing safety precautions (listed below) before, during, and after your tow to ensure a safe trek. People often tow small utility trailers with relatively lightweight as to not overload the frame of the car, which may result in crashing or injury.

Since the Sportage is rated for 907/750 kg, or 2,000 and 1,653 lbs respectively, the vehicle can theoretically tow

  • Small Utility trailers
  • Pop-Up tent Trailers
  • Lightweight aluminum boats
  • personal watercrafts

Things the Sportage cannot tow are

  • tent trailers
  • airstream camping trailers
  • a couple of off-road vehicles, such as ATV's
  • and others along the same line

Safety Tips

  • When towing a small utility trailer such as a U-Haul, be sure to keep the weight in the front of the trailer rather than the back to avoid excessive trailer sway and loss of control
  • Towing mirrors cannot extend further than 8 inches beyond the width of the trailer
  • Never exceed your vehicle's recommended Towing Capacity and GVWR, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, found in your owners manual
  • Know your local and or destination's towing laws

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