Sneak Peek: Telluride Nightfall Edition

As another model year approaches automakers are looking for new ways to get more life out of their model lines. Kia is no exception to this trend and is about to add a distinctive new trim level for its 2021 Telluride model line. Let’s take a look at what the Telluride Nightfall edition brings to the table. 

What’s New?

Many of the notable visual upgrades for the Nightfall Edition are located outside. One that caught our attention right from the jump was the redesigned grille featuring a stunning new design that is of course, totally black. Another notable addition is the redesigned all-black 20-inch rims which feature snazzy new lugs and centre caps Unique to the Nightfall. Additional touches include:

  • Blacked out logo badges and lettering
  • Blacked out roof rails 
  • Blacked out trim details and skid plates
  • Blacked-out inner headlamp bezel and LED headlamps standard
  • Remote start key fob 

Not a fan of black? Kia has you covered with a range of colours to go with the slick black accents:

  • Everlasting Silver 
  • Gravity Grey
  • Snow White Pearl
  • Black Copper
  • Sangria
  • Dark moss
  • Wolf Grey

When can I get it?

Before you rush out to give the Nightfall Edition a look we have some slightly bad news. The 2021 Telluride Nightfall has not yet been officially announced for Canada but, seeing as it is incoming for the 2021 model year in the U.S. it’s a safe bet that it will be here in short order. The Nightfall edition will only be available for the EX and SX trim levels and while no price has been announced, if they stick to a similar price point as the U.S. version it should run you about $1,800 over the base price for the respective trim level. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates about this stylish new addition to the Kia family.

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Telluride Nightfall Edition
Telluride Nightfall Edition
Telluride Nightfall Edition