Financing Contacts

We conduct our financing through a number of local lenders. To assist you in getting your questions answered we've compiled a list of contact information for you here.

Lender Phone No. Email address
Kia Motors Finance 1-855-627-0498
TD AUTO FINANCE 1-855-TDAUTO1  (1-855-832-8861)  
Bank of Montreal (BMO) 1-877-827-7087
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) 1-800-769-2511  
Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotia Bank) 1-888-777-6842
Scotia Dealer Advantage (SDA) 1-877-375-2771 Email
General Bank (GBC) 1-877-443-5620 Customers are requested to go on-line on the Lender's website and apply there.