Unwrap a Deal & Black Friday Sales Event

Kia Holiday special: win up to $10,000 on holiday bonuses, get black friday offers 0% + $750 all month long

This holiday, Petawawa Kia is offering up to $10,000 in holiday bonuses with their Unwrap a Deal Sales Event! Also, Kia is offering 0% + $750 all month long on select and popular models with their Black Friday Sales Event!

KIA CANADA is pleased to announce our Black Friday sales starting 1st of November and running for the entire month! Our Black Friday offer features up to $500 on select models and is stack-able with all other retail incentives. Combined with our minimum Holiday Bonus from our all new Unwrap a Deal event, customers will get up $1,000 on select models!

KIA CANADA IS also pleased to announce the “unwrap a deal” sales event – Customers will have the opportunity to unwrap a minimum of $500 up to the GRAND PRIZE of $10,000 towards purchase of vehicle! This is on top of existing retail incentives and available on select new 2019 and 2020 models. Everybody is a winner when they shop Kia this holiday season!